Spending my birthday month in my birthday suit… (July 2021)

Hello, Dandies! As we make our way through this cruel, cruel summer, I have quite a few things on my mind. The first is the return of live events, particularly BURLESQUE, making its sparkly way back here in Vegas. I’m gearing up for July 13th in particular, for the return of “Babes and Blues”, aContinue reading “Spending my birthday month in my birthday suit… (July 2021)”

BURLESQUE IS BACK! (July 2021 Update)

I am beyond thrilled to announce my return to the burlesque stage!!! “BABES N BLUES” takes place on July 13th, 2021 at “The Usual Place” here in Las Vegas. If you find yourself in town, come and let’s have a great time! Tickets can be purchased in advance here… https://www.eventbrite.com/e/babes-and-blues-tickets-159216913073 I just commissioned my costumeContinue reading “BURLESQUE IS BACK! (July 2021 Update)”

Dandy Digest

HEY, HOWDY, HEY!An update on WeeDnd,my fan page, and more… Welcome to the first edition of my monthly newsletter. This newsletter will make sure that we always can keep in touch, even if I get Zucc’d. (hey, that kind of rhymes!) I aim to keep everyone up to date on performances, exclusive content, live streams,Continue reading “Dandy Digest”