Hello, August! (August 2021)

WeeDnd was shown some love in the Desert Companion this week! It’s so exciting to feel the love for what we are doing, but first I want to start off this month’s newsletter by extending a special THANK YOU to the Buds community over on Weednd. I must also note what an amazing experience it is to hang with people who dig a cool storytelling experience. It’s also empowering to heel as if I am making an impact in the fight to help the normalization of cannabis use. As a person whose life is greatly made better with the use of medical marijuana, I know firsthand the positive effect of this high powered plant! We stream live WeeDnd every Tuesday at 8pm PST! If you’re into dice rolls and bong rips, join us sometime! we also have a discord that you can join here to connect with this awesome community!

You can read the desert companion article here

Image by Mark K Hollinger

As always my NSFW content lives on various sites that you can find here (as well as my tipping methods and wishlists). I have a free and paid Onlyfans, and various places to buy my clips a la carte. I also love to make custom videos and bring stories (of all kinds) to life. Shoot me an email and let’s make magic!

Wrapping up, my last piece of news is that I am so thrilled to once again joining the cast of Babes and Blues for the September show. Get tickets here

Thanks Dandies! Sending you all love and glitter!

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