BURLESQUE IS BACK! (July 2021 Update)

I am beyond thrilled to announce my return to the burlesque stage!!!

“BABES N BLUES” takes place on July 13th, 2021 at “The Usual Place” here in Las Vegas. If you find yourself in town, come and let’s have a great time! Tickets can be purchased in advance here…

I just commissioned my costume for the show from Viva La Bombshell Burlesque Costumes. Stay tuned for fitting videos and the progress of the sparkly fun! I am excited to do lots of hair and makeup tests before the big show- and share it all with you, of course! HINT: think pink!
WeedDnd continues, LIVE on Twitch!
WeeDnd is the live pot-positive TTRPG experience extravaganza! We are all about good vibes, dice rolls, and the magic of cannabis!
* Check us out every Tuesday at 8PM PST at twitch.tv/arthardstudios
* Join our discord community of buds! https://discord.com/invite/V8uX8SR6Wj

Find Out More (http://twitch.tv/arthardstudios)
Don’t forget to join my free and paid page for my adult art and clips.

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Thank you for being here. Thanks for being a Dandy! Your support, big or small, means I can plan the art I want to create on my terms.

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