Hello, August! (August 2021)

WeeDnd was shown some love in the Desert Companion this week! It’s so exciting to feel the love for what we are doing, but first I want to start off this month’s newsletter by extending a special THANK YOU to the Buds community over on Weednd. I must also note what an amazing experience it is to hang with people who dig a cool storytelling experience. It’s also empowering to heel as if I am making an impact in the fight to help the normalization of cannabis use. As a person whose life is greatly made better with the use of medical marijuana, I know firsthand the positive effect of this high powered plant! We stream live WeeDnd every Tuesday at 8pm PST! If you’re into dice rolls and bong rips, join us sometime! we also have a discord that you can join here to connect with this awesome community!

You can read the desert companion article here

Image by Mark K Hollinger

As always my NSFW content lives on various sites that you can find here (as well as my tipping methods and wishlists). I have a free and paid Onlyfans, and various places to buy my clips a la carte. I also love to make custom videos and bring stories (of all kinds) to life. Shoot me an email and let’s make magic!

Wrapping up, my last piece of news is that I am so thrilled to once again joining the cast of Babes and Blues for the September show. Get tickets here

Thanks Dandies! Sending you all love and glitter!

Spending my birthday month in my birthday suit… (July 2021)

Hello, Dandies! As we make our way through this cruel, cruel summer, I have quite a few things on my mind. The first is the return of live events, particularly BURLESQUE, making its sparkly way back here in Vegas. I’m gearing up for July 13th in particular, for the return of “Babes and Blues”, a monthly burly-q show backed by a swingin’ blues band. It’s going to be a night to remember, for certain!! Check out this link to purchase your tickets. 

With the return of burlyq, I’ve been all a-flutter at the idea of commissioning a new costume. I reached out to my friend Jasmine at Viva La Bombshell burlesque, and we dreamed up a pink and green fantasy together. My patrons over on Patreon have not only helped me fund my new showgirl sparklies, but they also have seen all my first sneak peeks and costume reveals. Join my Patreon community and join me on my creative journeys here… 

LAS VEGAS 1/31/20 – Dancers, models and burlesque performers Isabelle Marie and Abby Dandy at Ralphie’s Speakeasy. (Photo credit Juan Cardenas @desautomatas)

Like I said, July is also my birthday month. I’m a Leo, so birthdays are a huge deal for me. On top of me loving any excuse to celebrate (especially celebrate ME) this birthday is my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. If you don’t know what a GB is, I turn 25 on the 25th of July. I’m happy to be alive and able to create whatever I desire! Buy me a drink/pre-roll, check out my wishlists, or just send some green energy my way by checking out this page. ❤

Last, but certainly, not least… WEEDND BLAZES ON!
Join us EVERY Tuesday live on Twitch, or catch the 4:20 Friday re-upload to youtube!

BURLESQUE IS BACK! (July 2021 Update)

I am beyond thrilled to announce my return to the burlesque stage!!!

“BABES N BLUES” takes place on July 13th, 2021 at “The Usual Place” here in Las Vegas. If you find yourself in town, come and let’s have a great time! Tickets can be purchased in advance here…

I just commissioned my costume for the show from Viva La Bombshell Burlesque Costumes. Stay tuned for fitting videos and the progress of the sparkly fun! I am excited to do lots of hair and makeup tests before the big show- and share it all with you, of course! HINT: think pink!
WeedDnd continues, LIVE on Twitch!
WeeDnd is the live pot-positive TTRPG experience extravaganza! We are all about good vibes, dice rolls, and the magic of cannabis!
* Check us out every Tuesday at 8PM PST at twitch.tv/arthardstudios
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Thank you for being here. Thanks for being a Dandy! Your support, big or small, means I can plan the art I want to create on my terms.

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An update on WeeDnd,my fan page, and more…

Welcome to the first edition of my monthly newsletter. This newsletter will make sure that we always can keep in touch, even if I get Zucc’d. (hey, that kind of rhymes!) I aim to keep everyone up to date on performances, exclusive content, live streams, and more!
Let’s dive right in!

First off, WeeDnD turns 1 (One) year old this month! It’s been an absolute joy to play with this wacky group of insanely talented people. In case you don’t know, WeeDnd is a live Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG)experience. We combine cannabis with dungeons and dragons and mix that all together with some of Las Vegas’s finest performers. We are live every Tuesday at 8PM PSTm with the re-up of the live sesh hitting YouTube on Friday at 4:20 (of course). Join us sometime! WeeDnd also has a Facebook group, “The WeeDnd Hub”. Join me over there for an awesome taste of our Buds community. Join us at twitch.tv/arthardstudios for our HUGE 4/20 celebration!

Photo Credit: @mitziandco, Mitzi Valenzuela 

Second, I am Miss April in the 2021 Mitzi and Co calendar! Check it out!

That’s all for now!

Spread the love and stay safe,


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